Design: Choosing your Holiday Theme

The most wonderful time of year is creeping up really quick, and with that comes seasonal decor!! The big question this time every year is, ‘What colour is my tree going to be?’ as the Christmas tree usually sets the tone for the rest of your holiday decor. Gold, silver, traditional, Scandinavian, turquoise, deep blue, white, blush, natural, black and white, every colour under the rainbow – the options are endless, which is why holiday decor can often be confusing! This holiday season we are seeing a lot of BLUSH!! We saw it coming into play last year, but this year it seems to be the ‘must-have’ colour. Oh how beautiful and delicate this palette is. The ‘traditional’ Christmas is making a big comeback too (bonus if you have old decor in your storage room!).

When decorating for the holidays there is no right or wrong way, that’s the fun in it! If you need help deciding, look around your home. What is your accent colour? Chances are you won’t be swapping out ALL of your ‘regular’ decor for ‘festive’ decor, that’s just not realistic unfortunately, so try to choose a holiday palette that will work with your existing decor. Remember: It doesn’t have to be ‘matchy matchy’ it just needs to work.

Here are some #HolidayInspo pictures of my favourite Christmas themes to get you started on your path of decorating!

Blush Christmas:

Romantic, dreamy, delicate and often times subtle. Pair your blush decor with silver and/or gold tones to really make your decor sparkle. Yes, this theme has a very feminine look and is very glam but it’s not just for bachelorette pads!  Scared of what the man will say if you incorporate blush? Tell him it’s trendy as ever.

Scandinavian Christmas:

The Scandinavian Christmas look in other words could be described as a “minimalist” Christmas look. It’s all about a natural palette: whites/creams, blacks/greys and calm wood tones with crisp greenery. Remember: Less is more for this look.

Rustic Christmas:

A rustic Christmas has been around for a while now, which means it’s easy to shop for (bonus!). Think plaid, wildlife (deer heads, antlers and fur), burlap (bows, garland, tree skirts), knits (throws, toss cushions) and nature (pine trees, wood, stumps, wild red berries).

Mono-toned Christmas:

Theming your holiday decor around one base colour is simple and elegant. My big thing the last couple years has been a deep navy as my main colour with gold accents and a hint of white scattered throughout my tree and home. Remember: If you’re doing the mono-toned Christmas, stick to it and commit to that colour. The Pantone colour this year is called ‘Greenery’, it’s similar to that of a green apple, and oh does it pop!

Traditional Christmas:

This theme is classic and nostalgic! Think red, green, gold and silver tones – basically what comes to mind when you think of the Christmas season. It’s festive and fun and can be as youthful as you want if you have littles running around.

Of course feel free to mix and match styles. For example, just because you choose a rustic theme doesn’t mean you can’t add blush accessories. Swap out the red plaid for those blush accents, or have a silver christmas with a hint of blue. It’s your home, do what you want with it!!

Tag your Holiday photos using the hashtag #MyGlamShack to share your design!

Until my next post, Jessica ❤

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