Design: Stress-free Holiday Mantle

Well, it’s officially December, which means if you haven’t already it’s time to get on the holiday decor train – maybe we can call it the ‘Decor’ Express? Get it? Good, let’s move on. Christmas decor is all about bringing the spirit of the holidays into your home – it’s festive, cozy and is almost always stunning. The mantle is the natural focal point in a room, so it’s the perfect place to create that ‘wow factor’ this Christmas. In this case, the busier the better; you can’t have too much decor on and around your mantle. Once you’ve chosen what holiday theme you want to decorate with, you’re ready to begin! Here’s our guide to decorating a picture-perfect holiday mantle.

Must have mantle elements:

  • Stockings
  • Stocking hangers
  • A ‘big item’ like a mirror, wreath, or festive art
  • Lights
  • Something sparkly/shiny
  • Your favourite Holiday items/figurines (large and small) i.e. Santa Claus statue, nutcrackers, porcelain Christmas trees, candle sticks, etc.

You can have fun by adding ribbon or garland to flank the mantle. This is one place in your home where you really want to layer elements. As aforementioned, you really can’t have too much on your mantle.

Where to buy mantle decor:

We’re going to keep it simple for you. Homesense and Canadian Tire are both amazing one-stop-shops during the holidays! You can find everything on our ‘must-have’ list at either of these places, but it’s always fun to mix and match decor from different stores. Tip: Local boutiques, like Bella Casa Design centre in Edmonton, are great for those ‘omgwheredidyougetthis!!?’ items that the big box stores don’t carry! #Shoplocal.


Where to Start:

  1. Begin with the ‘focal point’ or the ‘big item’ of the mantle. That may be a mirror, a wreath, a festive picture. If you’re keeping your ‘year-round’ decor up, like a mirror, jazz it up with some garland or ribbon! If you’re swapping it out for something more seasonal, put it into place (and don’t be afraid to decorate your seasonal decor with more seasonal decor, like garland or ribbon!).
  2. Hang your stockings. We really recommend using substantial stocking hangers over nails or hooks as they make a big statement (see photo above). If you’re not, still go ahead and hang your stockings.
  3. Set up your favourite holiday items. We suggest using these to flank the mantle and ‘frame’ your stockings and ‘big item’ in the middle.
  4. Lay down your garland and lights! Weave it through your decor; remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect.
  5. Add larger elements to the base of your mantle, like a basket of wood, a Christmas countdown board, large candles, a reindeer or even neatly wrapped gifts.

And you’re done! You have a picture-perfect mantle with little stress. Below is some more mantle inspo to get the creative juices flowing!

As always, share your mantle creation with us on Instagram using the hastag #MyGlamShack!

Until our next post, Jessica & Elysia ❤

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