Design: Baby Fox Den

Creating a mini fox den for my little man was one fun project to take on!! I always find that when it comes to decorating my own space I have a much more difficult time making decisions than when I am working with a client and advising them on decor choices… this nursery was no different!

I always knew that I would want to find out the gender of our baby as soon as we could (that’s my ‘type A’ personality speaking), so the second we found out we were expecting a little baby boy, the planning begun. Oh but where to start?! Just like everyone else I scrolled through Pinterest and Houzz to get some #nursreyinspo but nothing really popped out at me until a client introduced me to a wallpaper company called Anewall, and there I had it, the most adorable Mr. Fox wallpaper. I knew we just had to have it, and from that moment, I knew I had a jumping off point.


The room that this nursery was going in is quite tiny so I wanted to keep things bright, open and airy. I selected the paint colour ‘Painters White’ by Behr. It was the perfect white without feeling too cold. Once the walls were painted and prepped (thanks to my handy handsome hubby), I had my installer come in to hang the wallpaper and this is when the room started to come together. I chose a ‘fox’ orange as the accent colour – just because the wallpaper was black and white, didn’t mean the whole room had to be!

I am all about a good deal (who isn’t?!) so I turned to Kijiji to look for a simple white crib – I didn’t want anything too over-the-top to take over the space. We’ve splurged on several other functional items for baby already so this is one area where I felt it was important to save because it doesn’t have any moving parts. I found somebody who was selling their crib they purchased from West Coast Kids a couple years back and it was in perfect condition! A $600 crib for $200.. how can you go wrong?!


As for the baby mobile, after looking around the city, all I could really find were big, bright and bulky plastic ones, and I just couldn’t bring myself to put one above the crib and possibly ruin the quaint look of the nursery. So in comes a brilliant idea… let’s just make one ourself. Stay tuned for our next post on a DIY baby mobile!! All it took was a night in of crafting with Jessica and we had a new decor piece!

The next main focal point of the nursery is the gallery wall. I love the idea of being able to display photos of our little once he is born, so I knew we just had to incorporate several picture frames. Some have been filled with maternity photos, but the majority are patiently awaiting baby’s arrival!

I know my concept of putting a change pad on top of a dresser isn’t exactly a new and novel idea, but for us it made total sense. Our room isn’t massive so we didn’t have space for a specific change station anywhere, plus, this change pad from SkipHop was the perfect tone of grey, is completely wipeable, and has an incredibly sleek design!

In my opinion, one ‘must-have’ in a nursery is a closet organizer! As I quickly found out, babies need SO MUCH stuff so for us it was so important to have a place for everything. We purchased our closet organization system from The Home Depot – If you think you need to test the strength of your marriage, just measure, shop for, build, and install a closet organization system with your husband (no joke). It took the two of us over 8 hours to put together but I can now say (after 3 months of licking our wounds) it is totally worth it!!

Now all we need is for our little bean to arrive so we can start to enjoy the space! Only 3 short weeks to go!!! Here’s a look at the space!

Until my next post, Elysia ❤

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