DIY: Mini Flower Wall

This past weekend was a special one – Jack, my perfect nephew and Elysia’s perfect son, got baptized! We all went back to Elysia’s afterwards to celebrate, and like any party, you need decor! I made a miniature flower wall for the occasion, and it turned out beautifully! I made it with artificial flowers from Dollarama (sorry to anyone who came after me to find an empty flower section!!), but real flowers would work too (be mindful of their lifespan though).


Here’s what you’ll need: Foam sheets (Home Depot – at least an an inch thick), an assortment of fake flowers and greenery (dollar store), wooden BBQ skewers (or dowels), wire cutters, toothpicks, a marker, a hot glue gun and a serrated knife.

Total completion time: Four hours

Step 1: Cut your foam. Using your marker draw out your feature letter on extra foam (if you’re using one) and use your serrated knife to cut it out. The letter will be placed on top of your board (think 3D effect). If you’re cutting the foam down for your board do that now.

Step 2: Make your board. I put it together using the wooden bbq skewers

Step 3: Cut down the stems of the florals using wire cutters. Make sure to cut them to about the thickness of the foam so they don’t stick out the back. Pull the leaves off the stems to use them on your board later.

midwaypointStep 4: Cover your letter in greenery or a different tone/colour of flowers. I did this by using hot glue to cover it with artificial green leaves.

Step 5: Arrange the board. Place the letter in the centre of the board and tack it down using toothpicks (hot glue optional). Start sticking the flowers in closest to the letter and working your way outwards. Remember: get an assortment of sizes and styles to use sporadically on the board. Tip: I didn’t use hot glue on the flowers, they stayed in the foam nicely without it.

Step 6: Fill the gaps. Use the greenery from the flower stems to fill in any spaces that may need it. I also finished off the edges with greenery and flowers to hide any foam. I used hot glue on this greenery.

Until my next post, Jessica ❤

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