Design: Our Holiday Decor

Whether you choose to accept it or not, the Holidays are quickly approaching * insert the lyrics, “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…”*. Many wait until the first of December to put up their decor, while others can’t wait and start decorating in November. If you’ve gleefully slotted yourself into the latter category this post is for you! We want to give you a little holiday inspiration from our own homes.

Last year Jessica took more of a traditional approach (red, green & gold) to her Christmas decor, while Elysia kept with her elegant contemporary theme; both equally beautiful, both equally different! If you’re still deciding on what theme to go with this holiday season, check out this post! Here’s a look at our homes:

Jessica’s Traditional Look:

Last year we didn’t do a big beautiful Christmas tree (I know it’s almost a sin, but we had a new dog and were playing it safe), so the focal point was this wall – the ‘five golden rings‘ that greeted guests near our entryway. This was an easy DIY project using metal rings from Michaels (spray painted gold) and faux spruce tree greenery and red berries from Dollarama! I assembled them and hung them on a branch using clear string above my credenza and voila! I styled the top of the unit accordingly using festive and rustic elements.

This year I am definitely going to do a full table setting (again, we were being cautious with what we had on display in case Grizwald got his teeth on it). Last year I only had a small display on my table, but I always always always hang a star in the window and have festive seasonal garland above the table!


I live in a skinny home so it’s a literal box from front to back, which means if one room is out of whack, the whole home feels off – there’s no hiding anything in a skinny home. With that being said, since I usually set up my tree in the living room but didn’t last year, I had to do something that tied in my holiday decor. Since I don’t have a traditional mantle (if you do this post is for you) I decorated a ‘mantle wall’ and decorated up from my couch to my floating shelves. I did put our tiny tree up as you can see, but it really just isn’t the same as a six-foot tree.

Every year I also create a Holiday card garland, which I string on my wood-grate wall. Don’t have a wood-grate wall? Who does!… This can also be done on a solid wall. I find it’s a fun way to display those cards that might otherwise end up lost on a fridge or… dare I say, in a drawer?! All you need is a string and mini clothespins. (Pro tip: use command hooks to hang the string for damage-free decor.)

Elysia’s Elegant Contemporary Look:

Elysia’s home may be more ‘traditional’ in style and decor than mine, but she opted out of traditional decor and went with a hint of glam with lots of blue tones and whites! We don’t have many pictures of her gorgeous decor, but what we do have is definitely worth seeing! Elysia not only sets up one tree but two – one in her living room and one in her massive master bedroom (I guess if you have the extra space you might as well fill it!). She also has a grand mantle that she does up beautifully. If her tree wasn’t in plain sight, I think the mantle would steal the show!

elysia's mantle featured

As always, we’d love to see how you decorate your home! Share your photos with us on social media using the hashtag #MyGlamShack, and we might just regram them!

Until our next post, Jessica ❤

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