DIY: Holiday Wreath

I blinked and it’s that time of year again – the time where you turn your house upside down and redecorate for the holidays. AKA, the best time. I love anything that has to do with the holidays: garland, ornaments, door mats, wreaths, lights, greenery – the list goes on and on – but often times all that can add up really quick. This year I was ready for a new holiday door wreath so instead of buying a new one, I thought I would make one for two reasons: 1) It can be cheaper; 2) It’s custom!!

I bought a simple gold wire geometric wreath from Canadian tire, artificial greenery from Flower Affairs, and a few ornaments to jazz it up. This wreath is unbelievably easy (easier than my green summer wreath), so why not give it a try.

Here’s what you’ll need: The geometric wreath, artificial greenery, ornaments of choice, twine, ribbon (optional- I didn’t end up using mine), wire, wire cutters, hot glue gun and scissors.

Total completion time: 45 minutes


Step 1: Cut your artificial greenery in pieces.

Step 2: Place the greenery in desired spot on your wreath and secure it using wire.

Step 3: Add more greenery to the wreath, securing with both wire and hot glue when necessary.

Step 4: Add your ornaments to the wreath

THAT’S IT – you’re done!! How easy was that!


As always, send us pictures of your creation, we’d love to see it!

Until my next post, Jessica ❤

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