Party: Planning a pandemic party

We get it – you want to get out of the house. You got your hand sanitizer, your mask, (your nerves!!)… but you really don’t have anywhere to go. More than ever before are people craving normalcy, but with so many new restrictions in place we’re forced to find our ‘new normal’.

We’re quickly learning that during a pandemic life goes on – babies are being born, birthdays are happening, milestones are being hit – celebration happens, and with celebration comes parties! But hosting has never been trickier… ‘Who do I invite? Do I serve food? Am I feeling well enough to host!?’ Those are just some concerns many have when planning a party during a pandemic.

This past July I hosted my daughter’s first birthday party. Now, I’m usually the type to have the ‘come one come all mindset’ so scaling {way} back on the guest list was a major feat in itself. I decided to invite family only. Our ‘bubble’. And you know what, it was the best time EVER! Instead of running around like a crazy person hosting 50 people, I could sit with a drink in my hand and actually TALK to my guests. What a concept.

Hosting Tips

Aside from social distancing, wearing a mask indoors and washing/sanitizing your hands often (which are a HUGE part of the puzzle btw), below are the safety measures I implemented to help my guests feel safe during the party.

  • Disinfect all surfaces, light switches, door handles, etc. before the party.
  • Stick to your ‘bubble’ or don’t stray too far out of it. Really think about WHO you’re inviting. Some people have different comfort levels right now, which means they might not be taking all Covid protocols that seriously…
  • Don’t hug or shake hands – an old fashioned wave will do just fine.
  • Put hand sanitizer everywhere. At the door, at drink station, at the buffet, in the living room, on the stairs, on the ceiling…. okay you get the gist. Maybe even make hand sanitizing a fun game – the person who sanitizes the most by the end of the party wins a super cool and fun prize (maybe a cute mask?!)
  • Use drink markers on reusable cups or have your guests write on reusable cups with a sharpie.
  • Repeat after me: tongs tongs tongs and tongs.
  • Be clear and concise with your expectations. Write out directions on how your guests are to use the buffet and drink station. I instructed guests to sanitize their hands everytime they revisited the buffet then asked them to use the tongs to pick up the food.
  • An alternate to a buffet it pre-plate the food and pre-pour the drinks. You could even have a designated cup and place {re}filler.
  • Try to have as many canned and bottled beverages as possible.
  • Keep chairs and furniture 6 feet apart.
  • Mind your moist talking. That’s right… you read that right.

PSA: A pandemic is super wasteful, it hurts my heart, and there’s hardly a way around it. The only thing I can suggest is if you’re using disposable place settings, don’t buy plastic. Please, don’t buy plastic. Use paper and wood products – recyclable and compostable. They might cost a little more, but think of the planet! While I’m on this rant, please also buy reusable masks. Okay, end of my eco-freak rant.

I understand hosting party right now can be extra stressful, but keep calm and pandemic on. Keep numbers small and expectations high. Not only do you want your guests to feel safe, YOU need to feel safe too, especially if you’re in your own home.

Until my next post, Jessica ❤

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