How to Celebrate New Years in 2020

Okay so we’re all stuck at home for New Years this year… now what!? Making “best night everrrr” New Years Eve plans can be tough at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic. My advice? Accept it for what it is and know that this will be a NYE that is truly unforgettable.

Just because you have to spend it at home doesn’t mean it’ll be lame; SO much fun can be had, virtually. All you really need is a good wifi connection and some good company – easy peasy.

Here are our ideas to have a rad New Years from the comfort of your own home:

  • Dress up! Why not?! We’re only saying goodbye to 2020 once (thank goodness), so do it in style. It’ll set the tone for the night and make it feel different than any other zoom chat you’ve have the past 10 months….
  • Play a virtual game (click here for some ideas)
  • Plan a virtual activity/craft (think DIY cookie decorating or buy a kit from a local bakery (I’ve seen them at The Art of Cake and Milk & Cookies Bakeshop), set up a virtual DIY paint night or buy gingerbread house kits)
  • Host a virtual cocktail class for friends (find a recipe or two online, make sure all “attendees” buy the same ingredients, then sip sip hooray. Need inspo? Check out Chandeliers and Champagne’s original recipes!)
  • Host a cooking class for friends (same rules apply as the cocktails, but food!)
  • All order takeout from the same local restaurant and enjoy a meal together (try to order straight from the restaurant and pick it up yourself if possible – restaurants lose so much money on food delivery apps)
  • Decorations are a MUST (check out Lil Penguin Parties or Poppy & Co. Parties in YEG!)
  • Explore what kinds of New Years dinner kits or cocktail kits local joints are offering (I know Mercer Tavern has unreal food and cocktail kits! For other options click here to check out Linda Hoang’s (Lindork) curated food kit list, or here to check out YEG Date’s cocktail kit list:
  • Simply enjoy a meal with friends or family over video chat. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it’s NYE – why not jazz it up. Try a meat, cheese and chocolate fondue or raclette meal. It’s interactive and lengthy – a great way to spend the night at home!

If you feel like getting out with the family (your household) before the kids go to bed, there are lots of walkable or drivable light tours around Edmonton and Calgary:

Whatever you do this New Years it’ll definitely be one for the books, but remember, it is what you make of it – so sit back, connect, and ring in 2021 with smiles and cheer!

Until my next post,

Jessica ❤

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