Get the Look: Fresh, Contemporary & Green

When it comes to decor we all have our own style and preferences. When we were preparing for this Get the Look post I (Jessica) sent a few different photos of rooms to Elysia but told her I liked this one the best… her reaction? “Of course you do!” She knows me and my style allContinue reading “Get the Look: Fresh, Contemporary & Green”

DIY: No-Maintenince Green Wall

Right now I am obsessed with greenery. I have to have it in my home in as many forms as possible before I start to become “that crazy plant lady”. I found inspiration for my wall from The Modern Honolulu where I will be staying in September – as soon as I saw it IContinue reading “DIY: No-Maintenince Green Wall”

DIY: Party Letters

It doesn’t matter what kind of celebration you’re hosting, there is one thing that is a must: fabulous decor! These party letters will jazz up your entertaining space and will take your decor game to the next level… and guess what, they only cost me $34 to make! With Mother’s Day coming up we thought theContinue reading “DIY: Party Letters”