Design: Baby Fox Den

Creating a mini fox den for my little man was one fun project to take on!! I always find that when it comes to decorating my own space I have a much more difficult time making decisions than when I am working with a client and advising them on decor choices… this nursery was noContinue reading “Design: Baby Fox Den”

Design: Tropical Bedroom Makeover

Let’s take a moment to talk about fads. They’re not necessarily a bad thing… sure, they’re not the “safe” way to redecorate, but you just have to be prepared to change up your decor when the ‘fad goes bad’. For me I love hopping on the ‘trend wagon’ because it allows me to explore newContinue reading “Design: Tropical Bedroom Makeover”

DIY: Wallpaper

Wallpaper is THE best way to transform a space, and guess what – it’s not permanent! Sure, it can get expensive (depending on how big your wall is and what kind of wallpaper you get), but it’s the ‘wow factor’ you’re paying for that paint often times can’t give you. After living in my home for 11Continue reading “DIY: Wallpaper”