Hi! Thanks for stopping by. We’re both born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta and we love creating spaces that will make your heart flutter.

We understand what it’s like to long for that room that keeps popping up on your Instagram feed – trust us, we’ve been there ourselves . We’re passionate about helping you achieve your vision and create your dream home, one room at a time.

Our team at G.S. Studios has over a decade of experience in residential interiors and design. Whether we’re decorating a show home or breathing new life into an old space, it’s our mission to create beautiful and functional spaces you’ll be perfectly content quarantining in.  We appreciate that each project and each person is unique, which is why we put in the extra time to build relationships and really understand the needs of our clients to capture their vision.

Our love for Interior design saw us start a passion project and blog in 2017 called The Glam Shack, where we shared home and party inspiration. We’re both new moms and when we saw the opportunity to take it one step further, G.S. Studios was born. Elysia has bachelor degree from the University of Alberta in Textiles, minoring in Residential Design, and a Residential Interiors certificate also from the U of A. She brings a classic contemporary flare to the team, where Jessica prefers a more modern Scandinavian aesthetic . Jessica has a background in media/communications and event planning, and has always had a keen eye and interest in creating beautiful spaces;  she is currently building on her education with an online interiors certificate program.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about the services we offer, or if you have a question about your home. Hope to work with you in the future!