DIY: Live Wall Hangings

I find the saying “good things come to those who wait” is so true when it comes to home decor. No joke, I had probably 100 different ideas on what I wanted to do with the blank wall where my live wall hangings are now, but I didn’t feel 100% on board with any of them… so I kept it blank for nearly THREE months. One day this idea just popped into my head, I took to Pinterest to find some inspo on what they could look like and the rest is history.

Michaels craft store will be your best friend for this project. I bought almost everything but the greenery from there – that I got from our friends at Fabloomosity!

Here’s what you’ll need: wooden dowels, a wooden embroidery hoop, string, wood stain, a saw, marker, bulletin tacks (for hanging instead of nails – optional) and greenery.

I thought I would use the felt balls, but decided during creation against it.

Total completion time: Five hours

Step 1: Mark and cut your dowels to size with your saw & remove the outer layer (with the clasp) on your hoop.

Step 2: Stain your wood

Step 3: Once the stain is dry, wrap and tie your string to your wood. I wanted mine to be the same height so I made sure the ‘triangles’ on all three pieces were equally matched with one another before securing the string. Tip: The string I used was in the knitting section, though it wasn’t yarn. It was comparable to what you would make friendship bracelets with back in the day…

Step 4: Make your tassels. This is an optional step, but one I found really finished one of the pieces. To make a tassel, wrap string around your three middle fingers about 25 times (the more you wrap the thicker the tassel will be), wrap the string (the other way) around your bundle one quarter down from the top and tie it, then cut the bottom of the loop to ‘free the tassel’.

Step 5: Cut and tie your greenery on with your string.

Step 6: Hang them! I used gold push pins instead of nails just to complete the look. I have also used gold earrings before… they work just as well!


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