Get the Look: Fresh, Contemporary & Green

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A floor to ceiling look at this gorgeous room!

When it comes to decor we all have our own style and preferences. When we were preparing for this Get the Look post I (Jessica) sent a few different photos of rooms to Elysia but told her I liked this one the best… her reaction? “Of course you do!” She knows me and my style all too well, but that’s not a bad thing! Having a style you love helps develop an overall cohesive look of your home. If you’re like me and drool over the look of this room – or if you only like a couple of the pieces featured – you’ve come to the right place. We have written this article to help you get the look!

Let’s start with the big pieces – the staples in any living room.

Sofa: In such a neutral space, this navy couch is the perfect way to add a touch of colour. We found the Lounge II 93″ sofa from Crate and Barrel. This couch is huge – perfect for a family, or excellent for a movie night in. It’s nice and wide, comes in an array of colours (including navy!) and is of solid quality being it comes from Crate and Barrel. I (Elysia) have dreamed of putting this sofa into my house for years because it is the most deep and comfortable sofa I have ever sunken my body into. Crazy comfort combined with clean tailored lines make for the perfect furniture piece.



Factory Cart Coffee Table: If you are big on DIY projects, it’s your shining moment. This coffee table is super simple to make all you really need is lumber, a walnut stain, castors and tools… and maybe a steady hand. We found a great tutorial on how to make your own by the ladies of Shanty 2 Chic. Their table cost them roughly $100 dollars US!

DIY Factory Cart Coffee Table tutorial can be found on the Shanty 2 Chic blog.

If you’re not so into building your own furniture (don’t worry, there’s no judgement here) we found an array of options on! There are a handful of factory cart coffee tables that will help you recreate this look at different price points, so you should be able to find just what you’re looking for within your budget. Our favourite was the Bruay Coffee Cart Table for $724.00. Here’s a look at it below.

Bruay Coffee Cart Table from for $724.00.

Area Rug: Let’s talk about to this gorgeous rug! This is a must have statement piece that really adds the ‘wow factor’ to this room. Without a splash of pattern there’s potential for any room to look flat. The black and white rug creates the perfect accent piece while keeping the room’s simple elegance in tact. We found the Colson Rug from Urban Barn. This rug comes in three different sizes and starts at $299 for the smallest size, 5′ x 8′. If you’re looking at this rug and thinking, ‘it’s not striped though?!’ That’s okay!! You can still achieve this look with a simple black and white pattern. It’s the combination of the bold graphic pattern, and the colour of the rug that works so well in this space, not necessarily the stripes!

Colson Rugs - Grey - Area Rugs - Bedroom _ Urban Barnhektar-floor-lamp-gray__0149974_PE308131_S4

Floor Lamp: As soon as I (Jessica) saw this lamp, I knew the Hektar floor lamp from IKEA would be a perfect fit. I have one of these lamps and just adore it, and at just $70 dollars, I love it even more! This lamp has a similar grey matte finish as the one in our inspiration picture does and has the same industrial look as the factory cart coffee table.

Art: The original piece of art in the photo is actually from a company in the Netherlands! Art is very subjective, so you can really step outside of the box here and get creative. If you don’t want to put one piece of art up, you can hang a duet or trio of picture, or even create your own gallery wall (DIY post coming soon). We would suggest sleek black frames or white frames – simple is best for this look! Paragon Wall Art has palm leaf frames can be purchased from Chintz & Company in Edmonton. Different shoppes on Etsy also sells adorable botanical and tropical prints.

End Table: The end table shown is a nice addition to the space. It frames the living room nicely and also acts as a nice piece to display decor. We actually found two tables that would help you achieve this look. The first is the Cross Side Table from Industry West. The colouring of it is exact, though this table is round. The Cross Side Table would run you $350 US. What we like about this table is the smooth top, it is a great contrast to the rough wood on the coffee table. If you are more into things being a little more matchty-matchy, the alternative option is very similar to the one shown in the picture on the right. The only difference is it has a walnut surface. It is called the Lasse Side Table from Rove Concepts and it costs $380 CAD.

Toss Cushions – We love the way these toss cushions are layered with different textures, colours, and patterns. Toss cushions are not only meant to look pretty, but they also help to amp up the comfort level of any furniture piece. Faux fur is so big right now so why not throw a little hint of it into your space. The Mongolian faux fur throw pillow in dusty indigo from Bed Bath and Beyond is a buy that you just can’t beat, ringing in at only $29.99 each. UppNorthCo on Etsy has THE most charming cushion covers! Both the black & white chevron, and the tropical palm leafs are the perfect fit for this room.


Plants: Go to your local green house and unleash your inner horticulturist! Anything goes when it comes to plants, as long as it is green you can’t go wrong! Have fun with it; mix different leaf sizes and textures, plant heights, and shades of green in different combinations and scatter them around your room. Living plants add a freshness to a room that no other accessory can possibly bring to the table.

Planters: Now that we have decided to create your own mini rain forest, you will need planters to hold all of your new plants! 2Modern has some great planter options. They have all shapes, sizes and colours of planters to choose from. How adorablModernica Plantere is this Modernica planter with wood stand?! We love how the wood stand ties into the rough wood of the coffee table. This Metal Planter in black from Rove Concepts is pretty darn cute too… the exposed rounded bottom of the vessel adds a nice contrast to the straight edges we have repeated throughout the rest of the room.

So there you have it, a bold, trendy, and fresh living room look that will make any guest green with envy!

Until our next post,

Jessica and Elysia ❤



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